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Children of Divorce Happier? True or False?

Since divorce became more accessible, we have been telling ourselves lies about children and happiness.  We have convinced ourselves that if we are happy, our children will be happy. We have said this for so many years that we believe it is the truth.

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Dating Action Plan: Do You Have One?

Too many people still have the idea that they will magically see someone across a crowded room, lock eyes and instantly fall madly in love with each other.  They say things like, “When it happens I will know it” or “If I just stop looking, that’s when it will happen.”  It baffles me how often people leave love life up to chance and yet they are very logical and structured with the rest of their lives.

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Mimi Tanner Really Knows How to Flirt!

Mimi and I are both Texans, so I relate to her on several levels. She helps women find success in dating and so do I. I especially want to recommend her online program,

“Secrets of Flirting With Men – How To Flirt With Any Man Now.”

Check it out at
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I am an affiliate for Mimi Tanner, and if you order, I will make some money, which is one of the ways I make my living. Whether you order through my link or directly from Mimi, the cost to you is still the same.

From Single to Married: What I Learned on My Journey

When I was 27 I divorced a good man for all the wrong reasons: mostly because I was young, dumb, had no faith in my relationship, and had no real relationship skills to speak of. Having made my choice, I began the process of seeking a man that would be right for me.  I thought I was ready for a relationship, so I dove right into the dating scene.

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Become an Affiliate of True Love Relationship Coaching!

I am offering $30.00 for your referrals! As an affiliate, if you refer someone to the True Love Relationship Coaching calls for couples and they sign up, I will pay you $30.00 through Pay Pal.

Send them this link ( and tell them to mention your name when they sign up so I’ll know who referred them to the program. It’s also a good idea to let me know the names of people you’ve referred in case they forget to give your name to me as their referral source.

Here’s that link again:

Thanks for your support! Michelle

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Free Month of True Love Coaching calls

Answer this brief survey about your relationship and get a free month of the True Love Relationship Coaching calls/webinars.

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Price for Founding Members has increased to $27.00 per month. Regular price for those joining after the first 20 members is $47.00 per month. Learn more about True Love Relationship Coaching calls for couples here.

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Insecure Partner Drains Relationship: Practical Ideas to Reduce Jealousy

If you have been living with a jealous partner for any length of time, you are probably tired of constantly explaining and defending yourself, especially if you are innocent of the charges that you are cheating.  Jealousy in a relationship is about fear of loss and can range from mild to severe feelings.  Many articles address how to overcome your own feelings of jealousy.  But what if you are the one who is on the receiving end of jealous behavior?

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Insecure Partner Drains Relationship: Jealousy and Possessiveness

Are you in a relationship with someone who is excessively jealous? Maybe when you first got together the jealousy looked like your lover was really into you. Later it began to be a drain on your energy.  What seemed like passion at first has become a constant battle. Maybe your partner told you that s/he had been cheated on by a previous lover.  You figure it would make sense to feel insecure about someone new.

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Fall in Love All Over Again

You can bring back the magical spark to your relationship and fall in love all over again. Learn to co-create passion that lasts a lifetime with True Love Relationship Coaching calls for couples.

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Conflicts and Problem-Solving: Sometimes the Solution is the Problem

In relationship conflicts, the problem is not always the problem. Often the solution is the problem. When you try to solve a problem and the conflict remains, the way you went about solving it created another problem. When your solution and your spouse’s solution are in conflict, the problem persists.  When you both believe that your solution is the only correct one, the problem persists.

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