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An expression of love: Appreciation and Gratitude

by Al Vasquez 2/21/1999

This evening I’m going to talk to you about “appreciation and gratitude”.

I used to think that I knew what those two words meant. But I really didn’t. It took an experience on the streets of San Antonio to get me to really Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoy your life while you still can!

“Young man, go home this evening and turn on the music. Take the time to take your wife in your arms and dance. Make mistakes and laugh about them together. Laugh until you can hardly catch your breath. Enjoy your life, young man, while you still can!”

Words of wisdom from my late husband, Adalberto “Al” Vásquez (1945-2007)

Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story?

I’m in Marsh’s new book!
Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story?

What Story are You Telling Yourself?

Defining ourselves and the world around us helps us to understand ourselves. It can also limit us. Putting labels on situations and pigeon-holing them locks us into a narrow way of thinking.

Be careful when you decide that you “know” something. Not knowing is an open state, but deciding that you know for sure what something Read the rest of this entry »

Rekindle the passion!
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Marriage on the Rocks?
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