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Don’t look at me in that tone of face!

Don’t look your spouse in the eyes unless you have the look of love!

Don\’t Look At Me With That Tone of Face!

Apparently WordPress won’t allow me to embed my video here, so please follow the link to You Tube and watch and enjoy!



What would motivate you to seek relationship help?

How bad would it have to get for you to consider seeking help for your relationship? What kind of help would you seek? Click the link below to take the survey.

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Birthday Special Offer ends at midnight!

Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy birthday to me! I love my birthday and I loved it even more when I moved to San Antonio, Texas, back in 1988 and
discovered that the whole city celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I felt like they were celebrating with me!

I want to celebrate with you today so I am offering my book to you at 25% off the regular price. But that’s not all so stay with me and keep reading! Read the rest of this entry »

Examine your opinions and beliefs

If your cup is full of your own opinions and beliefs, be willing to empty the cup to learn something new.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the professor who visits an elderly Zen Buddhist and has tea with him. The professor wants to talk with the Zen Buddhist about his wisdom. The elderly teacher pours tea into the professor’s cup until it begins to overflow and Read the rest of this entry »

Need help with your marriage?

Creating Happily Ever After: A Marriage Manual for What to Do After the Honeymoon is Over

Get some specialized tools from my 18 years as a therapist to help you get your marriage back on track.


  • Rekindle your passion for each other
  • Stop those destructive arguments in their tracks
  • Learn to interact with each other with dignity and respect

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Rekindle the passion!
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Marriage on the Rocks?
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