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Creating Happily Ever After:

A Marriage Manual for What to Do After the Honeymoon is Over

  • Has your Prince Charming turned back into a frog?
  • Has the tedium of daily living zapped your own charm and grace?
  • Are you tired of “quick fixes” and ready to do some serious work to create the marriage of your dreams?
  • Are you ready to do what it takes to invest in your most precious asset, your marriage?


You can find that happiness again. Creating Happily Ever After shows you how you can overcome common marital obstacles so that you can reconstruct the passion that got you together in the first place.
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Here is professional advice, but professional advice from one who has lived the best and the worst of marital events: a loving marriage; the death of a beloved husband; refusal to give in to sorrow or anger, and the resolve to start again. Marital advice? Michelle Vasquez knows whereof she speaks.

Her advice to you is direct, understandable, and do-able. She will challenge some of your ideas (and some common wisdom as well: “Constructive criticism,” she says, “is an oxymoron.”) but the challenges are well-reasoned, bringing logic to what may sometimes be irrational beliefs carried over from your childhood into your marriage.

Under 81 topics and with plenty of affirmations and practicable “action steps,” Michelle Vasquez addresses the good, the bad, and the workable in marriage. This is a book for the newlywed, the newly bereaved, the sometimes annoyed and occasionally discouraged–even the never-married looking for “the one.”

For those, too, here’s hope:

“I’ll tell you that you certainly have helped me apply more completely the concepts of the rule of attraction, and maintain my sense of self-confidence in the face of what was at the time a seemingly insurmountable set of circumstances (being single looking for ‘the one’).”

Matt S., San Antonio, Texas.


“Michelle’s book is unlike any other book available to help couples strengthen their relationships.  You can essentially open the book to any page and discover vital information for building a better partnership with your spouse.  Yes, you can sit down and read it through from front to back, but given how busy most couples are these days, that’s not always possible.  You and your partner can set aside a short span of time every day to open the book, pick one of the 81 tips, and work on that together.  Do the action steps, practice the affirmations together and watch your relationship grow. It can become your “daily devotional” for happily ever after.  I highly recommend Michelle’s book!”

Brenda Zeller, Life and Relationship Coach, EFT     Practitioner and Reiki Master


Start creating your very own happily ever after today. Get the book here.


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